Through our 2023 JA Summer Camp experiences, JA San Diego served a record-breaking 1,373 students. Nearly three-fourths of students participated for free through partnerships with Escondido Union School District, Chula Vista Elementary School District, and San Diego Unified School District and their Level Up Program. 

Students explored critical financial literacy and business topics, building the foundational knowledge and skills needed to succeed. 

JA BizTown Summer Camp: Where Learning Meets Play

“There’s a trillion best things and there’s like a trillion fun things about BizTown,” said Lena, an incoming 4th grader and BizTown camper. “We’ve been learning about money, payment, checks but we’ve also been playing some pretty fun games. BizTown is fun, plus it’s also a great learning thing to do right before school since school started on Monday for me.”

At JA BizTown, students receive hands-on experience in running a business, understanding what it’s like to work a job, and participated in Shark Tank style business presentations to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. This immersive experience gave campers the opportunity to explore the world of business and inspired campers for their futures. 

JA Finance Park Summer Camps: Navigating Personal Finances

“Finance Park is a lot like school (in the sense that you’re able to learn) but it’s more like an amusement park (in the sense that you also have fun). You get to learn more about money, all the things that come with money including how to handle money and budget. These things are really necessary for being an adult in the modern society,” said Uma, an incoming 8th grader and Finance Park camper.

Finance Park took campers on a journey through personal finance, credit management, budgeting, investing, and career exploration. The camp provided the foundational knowledge and tools for campers to achieve their future financial goals. 

High School Experiences: Charting Pathways to Success

JA High School Experiences expose campers to viable career pathways in the local economy and introduce personal finance concepts including credit, budgeting, and investing. From learning about different career opportunities to gaining insights into smart financial decisions, this camp prepared campers for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 


The JA San Diego team is inspired by the enthusiasm, curiosity, and growth we witnessed in each camper this summer. Throughout all of Junior Achievement’s summer camp experiences, students gained practical skills and insights that will serve them well throughout their lives through fun, hands-on learning activities. Here’s to the students who embarked on this journey with us and to the bright futures they are now better equipped to build!