Over the month of December, we are running our “12 Days of JA” series to share student and educator stories on the transformative impact of JA programs. This series is part of our Gift of Possibility fundraising campaign. Our goal is to meet our donation matching goal of $25,000 by January 6, 2023. To learn more about this campaign or to make a gift, visit our donation page.

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Day 1 of JA

Fifth-grade teacher Ms. Christal Moore’s first-ever BizTown class from K-12 Guajome Schools are now seniors! She has seen firsthand how JA programs lay the foundational knowledge in work readiness and financial literacy in students, and how students retain the lessons they learned during their BizTown experience.

Christal's Quote

Day 2 of JA

CharCute is a student business from Torrey Pines High School that participated in our JA Company Program. As the first place team in the regional competition, they went on to participate in the JA USA National Leadership Summit. During their time in the program, they gained valuable skills and social capital that will help them with their future academic and career goals.

Student quote

Day 3 of JA

Nativity Prep teacher Jen McPherson shares how she has seen the value of bringing JA programs into the classroom. JA programs help prepare students to achieve future success and empower them to share their newfound knowledge on financial literacy with their communities.

Teacher quote

Day 4 of JA

We asked 5th-grade students what they want to be when they grow up after visiting BizTown. This experience introduces students to many possibilities out there for them.

Day 5 of JA

Teaching early on about stocks and investing through programs like JA Stock Market Pop Up helps students begin thinking about their future and how to build their wealth.

Day 6 of JA

At JA BizTown, students apply what they learn in the classroom to the ‘real-world’. JA Board Member Maggie Leone has seen firsthand how students begin to build the foundational knowledge of business and money during her time volunteering.

Day 7 of JA

JA opens new possibilities by providing students the opportunity to explore careerp athways in their local economy through job shadows and career panels for students like Lincoln High Fellow Jovonna.

Day 8 of JA

At Mission Fed JA Finance Park young people learn key insights into personal finance through hands-on activities that simulate the ‘real-world’.

Day 9 of JA

Intentional, hands-on learning experiences like JA Fellows prepare young people like Abigail for their futures through curriculum that is focused on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Day 10 of JA

Students become empowered to achieve success by acquiring the skills and knowledge in financial literacy and work readiness. Now knowing what is possible in her life, Lincoln High Student Maliyah feels prepared for her future since participating in JA Fellows.

Day 11 of JA

Providing learning experiences at an early age is key to building the foundational knowledge in business and financial literacy that is necessary to succeed in the modern economy. JA YES Board Member Sharon has seen students begin to connect classroom curriculum to the ‘real-world’ as a volunteer for several JA programs.

Day 12 of JA

With this year coming to end, we are asking for you to give the Gift of Possibility. JA San Diego President & CEO Sidd Vivek has seen the impact experiential learning has for our youth firsthand when his son went to JA BizTown and learned about the ‘real-world’. This new year you can empower young people to discover their passions and to achieve future success.