We are launching a new logo, colors, and website

Junior Achievement of San Diego County (JA San Diego) is getting a whole new look. We are excited to share that JA is rebranding with a new logo, color scheme, and website. Our new branding reflects the evolution of JA and our journey into the modern world where young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities.

The Backstory to Our New Logo

Our new symbol incorporates elements from past JA logos with a modernized design as JA moves into the future. Paying homage to the original JA logo of the bird, our new logo symbolizes a flock of six birds soaring upwards. The flock represents the ability for our students to positively impact those around them and move forward together.


Here at JA San Diego, in addition to a completely new look, our website is going through a redesign. This means our website will have a whole new layout designed and developed by Puzzle Pieces Marketing. The redesign will provide a more user-friendly experience for our audience with features that are unique to our area.

Youthful, modern look

The design elements give our website a youthful, modern feel to resonate more with our students. As JA San Diego expands its programs outside of school activities, we want young people to be able to connect with our organization and get excited for JA programs that embolden students to achieve future success. We are using vibrant colors with big, bold fonts and giant portrait photos to illustrate our people-first mission.

Easier Navigation with Our Redesigned Website

JA San Diego President & CEO Sidd Vivek provides inside into the intentional design behind the new website.

“Our new layout, colors, and messaging reflects an easier navigation so parents and partners can get to the resources they need more efficiently,” Vivek said. “Time is money, and we want to help our community save more of both!”

JA programs which will now be organized by our McGrath Family JA BizTown, Mission Fed JA Finance Park, JA High School Experiences for high school programs outside the traditional classroom, JA In the Classroom for in-school curriculum, and JA Summer Camps. This will allow educators and parents to easily access program information and contact our respective program team members.

With our improved “Get Involved” menu item, individuals and businesses can find ways they can make an impact with JA. We want to make volunteering a seamless process for people looking to get connected to our organization. Current volunteer opportunities will be listed and updated regularly. We will provide information on sponsorship opportunities as well.

Understand our impact

We will have a page dedicated on sharing our impact in the San Diego community. The page provides a space for our students, educators, and volunteers to share their stories. We want our volunteers, partners, and supporters to be able to hear first-hand experiences on how JA is working to equip young people with the tools they need to succeed. Our impact page will also include statistics on the student impact of JA programs to provide a broader, analytical context to our work in the community.

“Students and volunteers are at the forefront of our mission. We want to be able to share their stories and highlight the life-transformative work JA is doing with the wider San Diego community,” Vivek said.


JA San Diego will start transitioning to the new branding this month. We will begin the transition to the new branding on our digital platforms over the next few weeks. We will integrate new branding on JA signage, flyers, and other physical items and JA curriculum over the coming months. With our last logo being in use for over three decades, we are thrilled to be bringing JA into a new era.