Britt Davis began his career as a professional athlete in the National Football League (NFL) where he played for the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots. After retiring from football, Britt transitioned into a career in Human Resources.

As a professional athlete, Britt was always interested in player benefits and worker rights, and how these areas impact the overall business. His interest and curiosity for people and business drove Britt to his first post-professional athlete experience as a Benefits and Union Lead for the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) San Diego chapter. During this opportunity, he realized his path was leading toward a career as an HR professional.

When he first entered the HR field, Britt had no connections or resources within the HR field and finding black male HR leaders for guidance early in his career was challenging. It wasn’t until he sent a message of faith on LinkedIn to Rich Smith, Vice President of HR Strategy and Management at Kaiser Permanente, that he found his first mentor in the HR field. Rich wrote back expressing his openness to providing guidance to Britt as he navigated the early days of his career. Rich is one of several mentors who supported Britt in his professional growth from understanding the importance of self-advocacy, his preparation and executive presence in client groups, and how to be a strategic HR business partner.

Britt is currently a Senior Director of Human Resources at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and serves on the board of Junior Achievement of San Diego. As an HR leader, Britt is responsible for ensuring equitable practices and access for all. Britt is passionate about bringing opportunities to communities that have historically been left out and left behind. Committed to the values of DEI, Britt invests his time and resources in community organizations and engagement efforts that serve to transform the San Diego economic landscape for the better by providing professional and career opportunities for the next generation.