JA San Diego is launching a TikTok Challenge to promote financial literacy education in collaboration with Experian and several other Junior Achievement area offices. Students who participate in the challenge will have the opportunity to be selected for a scholarship.

The TikTok Challenge

Actor and influence, Bailee Madison, will be creating a TikTok video on behalf of Junior Achievement sharing financial literacy knowledge and prompting students to stitch the video answering the question “What would you do with $100?”

The goal is to encourage students to be creative in how they would spend their $100 whether it would go towards saving, investing, or spending on a need or a want, etc. There is no right or wrong answer! We look forward to seeing all the different responses and ideas our students come up with.

The Scholarship

JA San Diego will award one $15,000 scholarship and three $5,000 scholarships. Students will be evaluated based on the creativity and message of their TikTok video, the number of views on their video, and their written responses.

JA of Greater Boston, JA of Central Texas, and JA of Southern California will be awarding their own scholarships to their students as part of this challenge.

The top JA TikTok video from a student in California will also be eligible for an in-person visit with Bailee Madison.


While all students are welcome to create their own TikTok video, scholarships will be awarded to high school junior and senior students. Additionally, applicants must have been previously or are currently enrolled in a JA program.

The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 31, 2023. Students must submit their video and application by the deadline in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

How To Apply

To apply for the scholarship, students must stitch Bailee Madison’s TikTok video and share how they would spend $100. Students can find the video on Bailee’s TikTok profile by searching for her username @baileemadison or click here for a direct link to the JA Challenge video.

Students can stitch their video and post it on their own social media account. Or, for students who do not have TikTok or do not want to post on their personal account, they can email their video response to cvanweele@jasandiego.org to have their video stitched and posted onto the JA San Diego TikTok account.

To stitch a video:

  1. Click on the share icon in the right-hand column.
  2. Slide through the bottom row of icons and click on ‘stitch’.
  3. Trim Bailee Madison’s video to include the “What would you do with $100?” question and click ‘next’.
  4. From there, students will be able to create their own video.
  5. Publish the video to your feed. Be sure to tag @jasandiego_ in your caption.

In addition to the TikTok video, students must complete the application form which includes three written responses on their post-graduate plans, how they would spend $100, and why they believe they should receive a scholarship.

Click here to access the application. 

Best of luck!

We look forward to seeing our students showcase their creativity and financial literacy knowledge!

If you have any questions about the JA TikTok Challenge, please contact Catherine Van Weele at cvanweele@jasandiego.org.