This has been an exciting school year for JA San Diego. We have grown and expanded several of our programs over the last few months to increase the number of students who receive critical foundational knowledge in business and finance. Over 27,200 students have been impacted through JA programs and are now better prepared for their futures.

Let’s take a look at our program highlights from the year!

JA Summer Camps Are Offered Through Level UP SD

Students in Finance Park

In partnership with San Diego Unified School District and their Level UP program, over 800 students were able to attend JA Summer Camps for free. This enabled JA to double the number of camp sessions and impact twice as many students – many of whom came from low-to-moderate income communities. 

“We are learning how to be responsible with our money and not spend it on things that we don’t, separating our needs from our wants. This is a great area to learn new things.”

-Rowan, JA Finance Park Summer Camp Student

JA BizTown Opens Its Freelance Day Program

First Freelance Day

To offer the JA BizTown experience to students whose schools do not participate in BizTown or were unable to visit due to the pandemic, JA introduced Freelance Day in JA BizTown. JA staff taught the curriculum virtually during the weeks leading up to the visit to JA Campus where students got to participate in the McGrath Family JA BizTown simulation.

“My favorite thing about BizTown is everything. It’s a really good experience for everyone, I think, because you learn about checks and what not, and how to grow up. It gives you sense of what you need to do when you get older. It was great experience for me, I got to learn about everything here. They let us eat popcorn. It was pretty cool.”

-Joy, JA BizTown Student

Our First JA In a Day at Logan Memorial

JA Day at Logan Memorial

JA held its first JA in a Day since the start of the pandemic at Logan Memorial Education Center. With the support of US Bank volunteers, Logan Memorial elementary students gained foundational knowledge in business, money management, and careers. 

“I’m learning about businesses and how competition is and how if you sell things at lower prices, you’ll get more customers.”

-Evan, Logan Memorial Student

JA Fellows Launches at Lincoln High School

JA Fellows at Stock Market Challenge

The first cohort of JA Fellows began spring semester at Lincoln High School. JA Fellows meet for daily instruction for lessons in personal finance, college and career readiness, and entrepreneurship. Through career panels and job shadows with local businesses, students gain social capital as well as insight into career pathways in their community.

“I felt motivated to learn and I started turning my assignments in on time…. JA has given me all the resources that I need, all that’s left for me now is how to build it.”

-Diego, JA Fellows Student

Hoover High Wins JA Stock Market Challenge

Students at Stock Market Challenge

In JA Stock Market Challenge, student teams compete to build a mock portfolio with the highest return on investment against students from across the county as well as Tijuana, Mexico. This year’s JA Stock Market Challenge was held as a hybrid event where adults and over 400 students competed side-by-side. Hoover High School took home both first and second place! 

“It was fun. It was complex but I liked it. I learned a lot on what investing looks like. It’s going to help us invest and know what to invest in and how things look and how they may grow or fall.”

-Diego, JA Stock Market Challenge Student

CharCUTE Competes in the National JA Company Program Competition

CharCUTE at Leadership Summit

JA Company Program tasks high school students to conceptualize and develop their own business ventures. Student businesses then compete in a regional Student Company of the Year competition where they must pitch their business to a panel of judges composed of local business professionals.

This year, student company CharCUTE additionally qualified for the national competition held in Washington DC by JA USA. During this National Leadership Summit, student businesses hold a booth at an exhibition show, present their businesses to a panel of judges, and participate in activities that build their leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

“Through my experience at NSLS I was able to gain confidence in myself, since much of the summit centered around putting yourself out there and being bold. Additionally, my group was given great constructive feedback, from both judges and peers, on how to continue to improve our business for the future. Overall, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I will definitely never forget it!”

-Morgan, JA Company Program Student & CharCUTE Member