BizTown Educator FAQs

BizTown Educator FAQs

We’ve answered the most common questions JA BizTown questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact Deanne Markle at

BizTown Educator FAQs

We’ve answered your questions about our JA BizTown program. If you have any additional questions, please contact Deanne Markle at

The cost of JA BizTown is $33 per student. There is no cost to teachers or volunteers.

There are limited available dates for the school year. If a date does not fit with your student count or schedule, you can be added to our waitlist.

JA BizTown is a 5th-grade program, but there are variances written into the curriculum for the 4th and 6th grade levels.

View an example of the JA USA BizTown curriculum here.

There are 14 total lessons. There are 13 lessons prior to the visit to JA BizTown and 1 follow-up lesson.

Each lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

If you have your own day,  26-38 volunteers are needed. If you share the day with another school, the number of volunteers depends on the number of shops that are assigned to your school.

The minimum number of students is 80 and the maximum is 158.

Yes, scholarships are available to schools that qualify based on their FRL percent.

All materials are in digital format and accessible through our online Educator Portal.

All new teachers to the program are required to attend a teacher training on-site at our JA campus located in Mission Valley. We also offer refresher trainings for returning teachers.

We work with districts, public schools, private schools, and homeschool groups.

Once you secure a BizTown date, you will receive a “Welcome Email” with all the details of the program and the link to the Educator Portal that provides you with everything you will need for the program.