Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts 

at Mission Fed JA Finance Park       

Financing My Dreams Badge Workshop 


“When you daydream about your future, what kind of job do you think you might have? Do your daydreams include owning a home or traveling the world? Now's your chance to dream -- and dream big! By earning this badge, you'll explore how your dream job and dream life really match up.” – Girl Scouts of San Diego. During your JA Finance Park simulation you will be provided with an “adult situation” which includes a job, salary & monthly income, credit score, debt, family status. You will have to learn how to plan, budget and save for your “family” scenario. This experience will also include access to our on-site Career Center, as well as our online Career Center to explore real San Diego career and educational opportunities.

This JA Finance Park simulation aligns well with some of the key components in earning your Financing My Dreams badge. 


• Explore dream jobs

• Price out buying your dream home

• Research dream vacations*

• Make a dream giving goal

• Add up your dreams!

*Not specifically part of the JA Finance Park simulation

Purpose: When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know the realities of budgeting and how to practice financial habits that will help me in the future! 

Grades: 6th-8th (Cadettes) 

Location: Junior Achievement Finance Park - 4756 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120

Cost: $24/per Girl Scout

Ratio Requirements: 4 Girl Scouts to 1 Troop Leader/Chaperone


*This is not a drop off event. Girl Scout Troop leaders or chaperones are REQUIRED to attend as volunteers (free of charge), UNLESS they want to have their own tablet and go through the JA Finance Park simulation themselves which would also require a fee of $24/per adult. JA recommends that the leaders/chaperones role is to provide ACTIVE support with helping the girls go through this learning experience.


Contact: Valerie Hash 619-906-4916