JA BizTown Summer Camp

JA BizTown Summer Camp

JA BizTown Summer Camp

 July 6th-10th, 2015


July 20th -24th, 2015


Ages 9-12,Grades 4th-7th


JA BizTown Summer Camp is an exciting week full of fun activities that will jump start your child’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The camp includes “Producers Place” which encourages the campers to think outside the box and envision a new business venture including a full business plan, product and presentation.

Throughout the week, the campers will also prepare to run the much anticipated The McGrath Family JA BizTown on the last day of camp!




Monday – The first day of camp!
The campers will meet their counselors and learn about the exciting upcoming week of camp. The students will begin working in groups on the “Producer’s Place” project where they will start imagining a new business venture complete with a business plan and product.

Tuesday – The BizTown preparation starts!
The campers will learn how to write a check and the importance of a savings account. Then they will begin deciding what positions in The McGrath Family JA BizTown they would want to apply for with job classifieds, job applications and going on a real interview! The campers will also continue their work on their business venture of “Producer’s Place.”

Wednesday – Community Adventure
An exciting off-site fieldtrip to see how another community within San Diego works. Location to be announced Spring 2014. (Drop off and pick up of students is done at the field trip site)

Thursday – Time to Present!
Each new business of “Producer’s Place” will present their business venture as well as introduce their prototype to the entire camp as well as potential “investors.” (No real money is given) The campers are given their official “JA BizTown Offer Letter” where they report to their assigned job and start preparation with their employees for running their businesses.

Friday – Revenue Row: You're Hired!
Go to work at one of 21 businesses in The McGrath Family JA BizTown, pay taxes, earn a profit, get paid and spend your paycheck. Be a CEO, CFO, reporter, DJ, doctor, bank teller or sales manager in your own business.