JA for Everyone


 JA for Everyone is a budgeting and career planning experience available for families and individuals, as well as other businesses and non-profit organizations

 To participate in JA for Everyone with a group please email

vhash@jasandiego.org or call 619-906-4916

During your JA for Everyone day at Mission Fed JA Finance Park, you and your family will be provided with a “situation” (job, salary & monthly income, credit score, debt, family status) and as a family you will use a tablet to:

-          create a budget

-          set aside money for savings

-          visit shops & kiosks to decide what your family can afford to buy

-          and at the end of the day, pay for all of your shopping choices using a debit card

The experience also includes access to on-site Career Center as well as our online Career Center to explore real San Diego career & educational opportunities.