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  • Current Volunteer Needs In BizTown 
  • Some schools are unable to provide the volunteers that are vital to the BizTown simulation experience due to a variety of circumstances. The dates listed in the link above do not reflect every BizTown school attending annually. Thank you for your support!

 Important Volunteer Details: 

Volunteer Role:

  • Volunteers are assigned to one of the 21 JA BizTown Businesses with 3-8 students. 
  • Assist students in completing job tasks and keeping track of their personal finances
  • Mentor students on what being a working professional is like and how to make wise business decisions.
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Additional information:

To view our most urgent volunteer needs for this year, please click here to see what dates we have available. 

If you have any questions regarding volunteering in BizTown, please contact:

Claire Maunsell | JA BizTown Administrative Coordinator
Direct 619.906.4914 | Office 619.682.5155 ext. 114 | Fax 619.682.5159 | cmaunsell@jasandiego.org

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