May Newsletter

Dear JA friends, 

After four years of working hard to finish mountains of homework, and taking countless nail-biting tests, this month marks the beginning of a new chapter for our high school students.

On behalf of the JA team, Board Members, and JA Yes Members, we extend a sincere congratulations and best of luck to the “Class of 2017.” We also salute the parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers and sisters, and all family members, who stood by this class and cheered them to the finish-line. This is also your time to rejoice and celebrate.

Graduation is a time of new possibilities and uncertainty. These young adults must decide whether to pursue higher education or explore various career paths. Whatever path they choose, we know our graduates from the Mission Fed JA Finance Park rogram are better prepared to tackle these tough questions.

JA Finance Park is all about planning and preparing students for what happens after high school. When students come to the Park, they receive a “life-situation” and income based on a real San Diego job. They then have to buy a home, purchase a car, shop for groceries, make investments and save for the future. At the end of the day, students under the guidance of a JA volunteer, must have a balanced budget. They also have the opportunity to visit our on-site Career Center to explore various career and employment opportunities, right here, in the San Diego economy.

In the coming years, we ask our JA grads and parents not to forget Junior Achievement and encourage you to support JA with your time and treasure. You are our future and we always take great pride in your achievements.

Warm regards,

Marla Black



Calling All JA HEROES

JA is dedicated to educating all students in grades K-12 about entrepreneurship, work-readiness and financial literacy. This year, our goal is to provide a 20% increase in the number of students we serve in San Diego. To help us meet this goal, we are calling all JA HEROES. Please take a moment to review our current volunteer needs in East County and thank you for being a JA HERO!


Balfour Beatty Team + French Toast = JA Success

This month, we give the “Best Team Spirit” award to our dear friends and partners, Balfour Beatty for JA’s Bowl-A-Thon “Around the World” theme. JA Board Member, Brian Cahill, and his team of international bowlers, scored 1st place! Thanks to their support, 100 students will receive a JA program. If you and your company have not signed up yet for JA’s Bowl-A-Thon, please register below. It is fun and easy. Register Your Team Now



Bobs Make Volunteering in JA Finance Park a Priority

As we come to the end of another successful school year, we want to thank Bob Daniel, Bob Alden and Bob Cange for bringing their passion and dedication to the Mission Fed JA Finance Park program. With their support, more than 10,000 high-school students know how to budget their $ and plan for career success. #ImagineSD  







LPL & PwC Volunteers Teach Teens How to Budget  

Junior Achievement partnered with PwC and LPL to impact 125 students from San Ysidro High School with the Mission Fed JA Finance Park program this month.

"I appreciate LPL and PwC for giving me a chance to experience, JA Finance Park. I feel more confident creating budgets now and I have a better understanding of how they work," said Rose Garcia, a 10th grade student at San Ysidro.


“High schools aren’t always able to offer the types of economics courses that help students learn to budget their money. That is where LPL can play a key role,” said Jet Carter, Investment Consultant at LPL. "By partnering with Junior Achievement , our volunteers are leaving lasting impressions on the future business leaders of San Diego.”

Volunteer Spotlight: University of St. Augustine, Occupational Therapy School

We want to give a special shout out to our partners at the University of St. Augustine, Occupational Therapy School, in San Marcos. Thirty-six of their students delivered financial education this year to hundreds of students for two of JA’s signature programs: Mission Fed JA Finance Park and the McGrath Family JA BizTown.


Perfect Bar Employees Make an Impact at McGrath Family JA BizTown

5th graders may not be old enough to drive, work or vote, but that does not stop them from running a business and earning a profit thanks to the volunteer support of the Perfect Bar team. This month, employees, including JA Board Member, Liz Carter, VP of Finance at Perfect Bar, took a “break from their day job” to work alongside students at BizTown.







Students Participate in Mock Trials at JA Job Shadow with the San Diego Superior Courthouse 

JA is proud to partner with leaders in the legal industry this month. Employees at the San Diego Superior Courthouse hosted a “You Be a Judge” JA Job Shadow for students at KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy. A special thank you to Presiding Judge, the Honorable Robert J. Trentacosta from the Juvenile Superior Court. 

Judge Trentacosta kept the 7th grade students engaged and interested in learning about the juvenile justice process and the different roles within the system. The students had fun participating in mock trials and played key roles of a judge, defendant, attorney, bailiff and jury.


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POSTED MAY 31,2017