Shark Tank Fun at JA BizTown Camp

Summertime is a special time at JA, as we host nearly 300 students at the McGrath Family JA BizTown Summer Camp.  Although the campers may not be old enough to drive, work or vote, that does not stop them from running a business, starting their own company, and earning a profit as they become “JA BizTown Citizens” for the week.  

One of the highlights of the program is the “shark-tank” competition. This is when campers get a chance to show-off their entrepreneurial spirit as they work together to create and start their own company.  Students have to write a business plan and then pitch their new product or service to a panel of judges to secure funding.   We are happy to report these young innovative leaders are going to change the world.  Below are some of the students’ unique business ideas:

Flying Feet.  How about some flying tennis shoes you can control with your own GPS glove? 


Reading Ears.  Glasses connected to a digital app that allow deaf or hard of hearing people the ability to listen to their friends by reading text in the lenses. 

 Donuts for Life.  Welcome to a vending machine where you can purchase donut holes 24 hours a day for just $1 dollar.


Lit Pooh.  Never worry again about having to scoop your dog’s poop in the dark with the new Lit Pooh product.  It allows your pet’s messes to glow in the dark.  

A special thanks to JA YES (Young Executive Society) Members, Jennifer Barnes with ProBack Office, Jenifer Pratt with Reilly Financial Advisors and Christine Wellington with FedEx featured in the below photos left to right.

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