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JA & BLCI Prepare First Generation of Graduates

In December, local volunteers Chanae Jackson and Maria Toscano presented "More Than Money" to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Read More

MARCH 27, 2013

3 BEs of Effective Interviewing: Part 1

Jack in the Box, Google, Starbucks, Apple and Netflix – what do all of these industry leaders have in common? In order to secure a job with them, each candidate must undergo a thorough interview. Read More

MARCH 20, 2013

Win Free Summer Camp this St. Patrick's Day

Participate in our Twitter and Instagram contest this Saturday, March 16 from 10:30 a.m. - noon to win a free summer camp for your kids grades 4th through 8th. Read More

MARCH 13, 2013

When JA Staff Goes to BizTown...

I am a firm believer that one should find a job or career they love. Humans already spend a third of their day resting so why spend another other third at a job they don't fully enjoy? Read More

FEBRUARY 27, 2013

Love Is...

As we rush to find that perfect card, orders flowers, buy heart-box chocolates, or make sure our children have enough Valentine’s to take to school, we somehow forget what means the most. Read More

FEBRUARY 14, 2013