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Calling All Entrepreneurs

Start National Entrepreneurship Month in November with JA! 

During Entrepreneurship Month, JA of San Diego will put entrepreneurs inside the classroom to deliver the "JA Launch Lesson" program. The initiative will give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with students, share information about their company and entrepreneurial journey, and provide advice for students who are interested in starting their own business.

Survey Shows Need to Promote Entrepreneurship to Teens

This comes at a time when a new survey shows parents are extremely supportive of their teens’ entrepreneurial dreams, but most teens don’t have them.

Launch the Future

If you are an entrepreneur, we invite you to share your career success  for a one hour talk to high school students for the "JA Launch Lesson" program in November.

We are currently looking for start-up executives to bring this program to life. If you are interested, please contact Ashley Packard or call 619-906-4941.

For more information: "Guide to Entrepreneurs: Launch Lesson Outline & Suggested Guidelines High School"


If you are a high school administrator or teacher of a business-oriented class and you would like an entrepreneur to come to your classroom for one hour, contact. We will coordinate your schedule with that of a volunteer and provide additional resources for you to properly prepare your students to maximize the impact of this program. For more information contact, Jenni Preciado or call 619-906-4908.

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