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Tamara Ferguson

Volunteer Coordinator

Tamara Ferguson

(619) 906-4945

Email: TFerguson@JASanDiego.org

JA Anniversary: August 22, 2016

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University, CA; Master of Science in Non-Profit Management & Social Enterprise, Georgia State University, GA

Previous Experience: I Joined Junior Achievement after working with the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center for over a year as Membership Associate. Working in the non-profit sector is a passion of mine, though I spent years in sales and marketing with a few well-known companies ranging from the Atlanta Hawks to 5-Hour Energy.

Why is Junior Achievement important to the San Diego community? Financial education, as well as, professional and economical development of our youth is not only important for each of their lives, but also to the overall health of the global economy. Junior Achievement is important to the San Diego community as it serves the purpose of cultivating our youth to make the best decisions for their financial and professional lives, which will directly affect the economy of San Diego in the future.

What inspires you to work with Junior Achievement? Coming from an immigrant family and being raised abroad until the age of 12, there were many skills that I had to learn on my own much later in life that are necessary to lead one into a secure state of economical being. I am excited with the idea of supplying this knowledge of economic responsibility to our youth for each of them to build the most successful lives as it relates to our global economy.