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Claire Shannon

Administrative Coordinator McGrath Family JA BizTown

Claire Shannon


Email: cshannon@jasandiego.org

JA Anniversary: April 2016

Education: B.A. from San Diego State University

Previous Experience: YMCA Site Supervisor

Why is Junior Achievement important to the San Diego community? Financial responsibility and business literacy are the bases of our economy.  Therefore it is important to teach students the skills to plan for their financial futures and make smart academic choices. The McGrath Family JA BizTown teaches 150 5th graders, every day these critical skills and gives them a glimpse into the real-world. 

What inspires you to work with Junior Achievement? I wish that I had been exposed to Junior Achievement programs when I was in grade school.  It would have made my life easier financially. Instead I had to figure it out as I go!  I am excited to be a part of a organization that prepares and inspires students to succeed.