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Brittany Matthews

Special Events Manager

Brittany Matthews


Email: bmatthews@jasandiego.org

JA Anniversary: JA of AZ, August, 2014;   JA of San Diego, May, 2016

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Arizona State University, 2008

Previous Experience: After graduating from ASU, my journey brought me to SanDiego where I started my career in Event Management and Marketing. My pasteight years of experience have encompassed managing various types of events,from wedding parties, to air shows, to golf tournaments, and even parties forpets! I am no stranger to Junior Achievement, and began my JA journey in 2014,serving as the Special Events Manager for the Central Arizona Chapter.   However,my heart has always stayed in California and I am thrilled to be back home andback with JA!

Why is Junior Achievementimportant to the San Diego community? Itruly believe that the life-lessons provided by Junior Achievement areessential for tomorrow’s leaders.  With educators and students challengedwith ever-changing curriculum, it is more important than ever to providereal-world life lessons to our students.  Junior Achievement prepares thenext generation by teaching them how to get a job, start a business and managetheir money. 

What inspires you to workwith Junior Achievement?  Seeing first-hand, the benefits of the JAprograms, provides daily inspiration for my own personal work and that of ourorganization as a whole. Listening to students talk about finance and economicsas enthusiastically as they would talk about their favorite game or toy,provides me hope for an incredibly bright future.