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Akemi Allan

JA BizTown Associate

Akemi Allan

(619) 682-5155

I am honored to work at  McGrath Family JA BizTowna 10,000 square foot mini-San Diego, where 15,000 fifth graders each year discover how to start and run a profitable business.

Located at the Capdevilla Gillespie Center for Junior Achievement in San Diego, students are exposed to four weeks of curriculum in the classroom on how to be a good citizen, how a city’s economy works, how to apply for a job and how to run a successful business. 

They then put their knowledge into practice by visiting JA BizTown. Each student works a job at one of 21 life-sized San Diego businesses. The students earn paychecks, open bank accounts, pay taxes, vote, and are challenged to earn a profit in their business. 

To be put on the waiting list for this life-changing program call JA office: (619) 682- 5155