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Susan Steele

Senior Manager, Business Tax Services

Susan Steele

Deloitte Tax, LLP

I am on the JA board because... A couple of years before joining the JA board, I was reflecting on goals in all areas of my life.  Focus on family and career kept me from thoughtfully considering how to give back to the community.

I knew I had a passion for personal finance, entrepreneurship and children. I specifically wrote down these areas of interest. The opportunity came up, through my involvement in community outreach with Deloitte to volunteer with Junior Achievement. Immediately, I knew Junior Achievement embraced a mission I could support, and my involvement would not only be enriching for me but also impact the lives of others.

After cleaning out a desk drawer last year, I found the list of goals I had written down years ago. I was happy to see this opportunity came my way and have enjoyed every moment of service to this organization.

One of my favorite JA memories is...  volunteering in the classroom. 

For the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of teaching JA Business Ethics to seniors at Kearney High School.  It is rewarding for me to share my story about being raised in a home with two working parents, working my way through college and the mentors and influences I encountered along the way--all the choices I made in the journey have led to the successes I have achieved in my career.

The look on the faces of some of the young women in the classroom is encouraging.  Some of them never even considered working toward a professional career in business. But after hearing my story they get inspired to explore more opportunities.