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Shane Paul

Vice President, Franchise Operations

Shane Paul

Jack in the Box

I am on the JA board because... I've been involved with the program in several states for the past decade and I have always believed in the service JA provides to students.

For me, being on the board is a way that I can still contribute to this great cause, but at another level. While I still continue to volunteer and do JA events, being on the board has allowed me to learn more about the organization and use my skills and position to keep helping children. I believe that financial literacy for children is a great cause and if not improved will result in issues in our economy and society. I look forward to attending every meeting and I even joined a sub-committee on volunteering to be ‘extra’ involved!

One of my favorite JA memories is... The first class I taught in Dayton, Ohio, in 1997. I was so nervous. I studied everything so I would be the best, and I knocked it out of the park. The next week, I was so overconfident I did not prepare enough and was nervous again because I knew I would disappoint the class. Years later, I don’t think they noticed the difference, but I will never forget being nervous back-to-back weeks for two completely different reasons. That first class was a 3rd grade inner-city class. Since then, I taught two 4th grade classes, a 5th grade class and two 7th grade classes in three different states.